Sunday, December 12, 2010

Woody, my hero!

So for the past two weeks or so I have had a scrapbooking block. Terrible is the only to describe it. I get such joy out of coming into my scrapbook room and creating layouts. I would walk in, look around and feel nothing. Well I ordered some products from my favorite on line scrapbook store, Memorable Seasons, they came and as I was putting them away I started feeling better.

I started going through my goodies and found some neat Debbie Mumm paper that I forgot I had. Well that lead me on a Woody (Toy Story) adventure. I knew I had some pictures of Ethan meeting Woody and Buzz. So I just started tearing, cutting and I was off! I wanted to make a banner, so I made a template for one, that was a challenge for me! Took me about 6 times with my ruler to achieve the look I wanted. Next I wanted to learn how to tie these beautiful double bows that I have been seeing everywhere. I googled it and found just what I was looking for. I also wanted to add some real twine to the layout and once I saw this woody embellishment I knew that it would work great. So there you have my woody adventure.

P.S. Go check out Memorable Seasons!

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