Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My sweet little friend

So I am still dealing with our wonderful dog passing. Up until now I have not been able to talk about it, it was just to painful. I know it may seem strange to be so attached to an animal, but Pita was an amazing dog. My husband had her for about 2 years before we got married. She was a part of my life for 10 years. When our son started school it was just me and Pita and she became my shadow.

She was diagnosed with Congestive heart failure March 2009 the vet told us that she could live 2-24 months. Dealing with heart failure is not that hard, just lots of medicine. But in November she really started to go down hill in just one weekend. We all woke on Saturday morning November 13th and she was not feeling well. We went on with our day, we watched her and she was getting worse. My husband took her to the animal hospital and they confirmed our fears.. Kidney failure.

You see a vet can't treat both.. one or the other. So when we took her in to her vet Monday morning Nov. 15th we were hopeful that they could give her some wonderful medicine and everything would be fine. Somehow in the back of my mind I knew the time had come. I didn't think I could handle letting her go, but when the vet told us that it was time I knew I had to do what was best for her. She was in pain, she could barely walk, she couldn't pee-pee anymore, so on Monday November 15th at 10:10 Pita went home to the waiting arms of our Heavenly Father. I still feel this great emptiness in my heart not sure if that will ever go away. My husband and son are ready to bring another friend home from the SPCA, but I don't think I am ready. Maybe in time I will be, just not now. This picture is one of the last ones we have of her. Well my husband has some of me saying good-bye to her at the vet, but I can't look at them right now.

If you can, please open your heart to a animal. You will be so happy you did!

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