Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My poor blog:)

Hi friends!

I have been bad about blogging. Shame on me!

Well for the last 10 days we have been going through some tough times. Our sweet little furry friend Murphy has been having some problems. It all started with this new (insert bad word here) groomer we took him to. I dropped off my perfect little 2 year old dog and what we picked up was not the dog we dropped off.

He was limping very bad and as the night wore on he could not walk and seem to be in a great amount of pain. So we thought maybe he some how injured himself and he will feel better the next day. Well we woke up Sunday morning and he seemed better, still walking a bit funny. As the week wore on he was not getting any better, so I took him to the vet. I told the vet all about the visit to the groomer so the vet discovered he had a bad yeast infection on all of his paws and blisters on the bottom of his paws. The vet did notice that Murphy was standing funny and his tail was in a strange position.

The dr. tried to "hurt" Murphy, by pulling on his leg, neck and middle. Murphy did not respond, so that told the dr. that nothing was broken, and he probably just hurt himself. He gave him a big shot of anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxer. Well he did fine up until this Friday (march 29th) then he got worse and worse as the day and night went on. He got so bad that hubby took him to the emergency dog hospital. They thought it was some kind of back injury, gave him some medicine and told us to keep him quiet. We did.  So by Tuesday (April 2nd) he was really bad. So at this point I am so upset! What is wrong with our sweet dog.

I decided that he needed to go back to the vet, I called and got him an appt. for 4:00. As I was getting ready to go I heard Murphy's paws clicking hard on our hard wood floors. I ran to him and I know now that he was having a seizure. I got him calmed down and finished getting ready and took him in to see the vet. When I got into the examine room he started having another seizure. I still didn't know what was going on so I yelled for them to come in the room. By the time they got there he stopped. The vet walked in and as I put him up on the table he started having another one. So at that point the vet put Murphy in a short coma like state. Hoping that when he woke up he would be better. Well that didn't happen.

So the bottom line is that Murphy could have three different things, a concussion from trauma, or a deep inner ear problem, or a brain injury. We won't know anything for the next 3-4 days. I can't ever explain the pain our family has felt. For me all the wounds from losing Pita 2 years ago have opened up. We are using the same vet as we took Pita to, so in one room we had to say good-bye to Pita 2 years ago and in the next room our dog is having seizures. It is so scary. I don't know what happens if we find out that Murphy has a brain injury.

If you have read this far, please say a quick prayer for our Murphy.


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