Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Shabby family album

I created another family album last week. I LOVE the way this album turned out. It looks even better than what was in my head. Does that make sense? Anyway, funny thing about this album. While I was making it we were having 4 new windows installed in our living room. My scrapbook room is right off the living room. The installers were making a ton of noise, so I thought let's see if I can one up these guys:) Well I got out my Zutter distrezz-it-all and went to work! Well guess what? I made more noise than them! I could not believe it:) I was proud:) You have to understand these guys started at 8:00am and this was about 1:30 when I could not take anymore. So below is what I came up with:) I have this listed on Ebay.

Until next time..

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